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Buffalo Bills fans continue to stay confident despite loss to New England Patriots

The team is getting a pass.

Buffalo Bills fans are still pretty optimistic about the team, despite their Week 4 loss to the New England Patriots. A 3-1 record after four weeks would have made most fans happy coming into the season, and that’s why they’re still pretty confident.

With a host of bad teams remaining on their schedule and a great defense, Bills fans are okay with a close loss to the best team in the league, and responded with 81% confidence. That figure is actually the lowest since after Week 1, when Buffalo needed a comeback to beat the New York Jets.

The 81% puts Bills fans as the ninth-most optimistic bunch of NFL fans behind the San Francisco 49ers at 99% and a few more undefeated teams. Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Philadelphia Eagles fans are above Buffalo, but all have swung wildly based on their team’s success during each game.

If Buffalo loses to the Tennessee Titans this weekend, it won’t be great for morale.