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Five takeaways: Jordan Phillips, Duke Williams power Buffalo Bills win


The Buffalo Bills beat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, finding a way to pull out the 14-7 victory. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, but it was a solid win over an AFC contender. While we enter the bye week, here are the five takeaways from the game.

The Jordan Phillips Game

Holy crap, Jordan. He had 6.5 career sacks coming into the game. He had three in the first half. Buffalo’s front-four was able to get into the backfield over and over again with pressure from Trent Murphy, Shaq Lawson, and Lorenzo Alexander constantly throwing off Marcus Mariota. Darryl Johnson added a second half sack for good measure.

Josh Allen showing his progression

Josh Allen had a bad interception in this game, but it was his only mistake in 60 minutes. Throwing it away, running out of bounds, and checking down to the running back were all hallmarks of Allen’s game on Sunday. In the first half, he was 17 of 21 including two throwaways and two drops for 146 yards and one touchdown. He was very good for the majority of this game and seems to be learning the lessons we want him to have under his belt.

Duke Williams gets the start over Zay Jones

Zay Jones was on the bench for the vast majority of this game. Duke Williams was the third receiver on the first play and received a ton of playing time through the course of the game. He was targeted four times and caught all four of them for 29 yards and the go-ahead touchdown. What a great NFL debut after being called up from the practice squad on Saturday.

Bills’ defense is legit

I DO NOT CARE HOW MANY TIMES I NEED TO WRITE THIS. The Titans didn’t convert their first seven third downs. They went three-and-out on five of those drives. It took a short-field gift from the Bills’ offense for the Titans to score anything. Buffalo’s defense is so, so good.

Another third quarter, another dud

Sure they allowed a touchdown and Josh Allen had a bad interception, but it was ANOTHER third quarter crapfest from the Bills’ offense. It’s becoming a very troubling pattern. The Bills have a negative point differential in the third quarter.