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Buffalo Bills fans rock Nashville before, during, and after Tennessee Titans game

The Bills Mafia was in full force.

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Every year, Buffalo Bills fans collectively decide that one game is going to be the team’s destination game. This year, Nashville played host to an incredibly large contingent of Bills fans as the team played the Tennessee Titans.

Videos and pictures started popping up on Twitter Friday night and into Saturday of packed planes singing the “Shout” song, Bills-clad fans in airports, and eventually, Nashville itself overflowing in red, white, and blue.

When it came time for Sunday’s game, more than one-third of the stadium was Bills fans according to multiple independent reports. Bills loyalists in our Twitter feed say it may have been even more. The Nashville Tennessean reported the number of Bills fans at about 25,000 in the stadium, which seats just under 70,000.

“It isn’t the first time that there has been a large fan presence by the road team, but this might have been the largest impact a traveling fan base has had at Nissan Stadium in years,” wrote Nick Gray.

On the television broadcast, you could hear fans in the stands cheering good plays for the Bills and getting loud on Titans third-down attempts. It was incredible, and the team certainly took notice.

“I want to open up by thanking the fans,” Sean McDermott said as he began his post-game press conference. “What a following down here, man. Unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like that at an away game. Fans great job. We pulled in on the buses and I looked to my left at a couple parking lots from here and it was all Bills fans. It was awesome, just awesome. So really appreciate that. The players felt it. The staff felt it.”

“Bills Mafia is legit, man,” safety Micah Hyde said after the game. “They won this game. They won this game. They continue to impress us. We understand it is Nashville and they were excited to get down here. As soon as it came out, they circled it on the schedule… We just, you know, we love Bills Mafia. We love what they’re able to do for us week in and week out.”

Here are some more tweets from the weekend: