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Buffalo Bills 7, Cleveland Browns 9: Second-half open thread

The Bills trail by two at halftime.

The Cleveland Browns have outranked the Buffalo Bills when it comes to splash plays on offense, but thanks to incredibly clutch red-zone defense, the Bills are heading into halftime only trailing 9-7.

At one point, the Browns ran eight consecutive plays with less than three yards to go in front of the end zone. Buffalo was called for a pass interference in the end zone, extending the drive, but shut down every other attempt, including the fourth-down plays. Buffalo wasn’t able to turn that fourth-down stand into anything other than a punt, but the tone set by the defense has helped the Bills head into halftime with the lead. On another trip to the red zone, the Browns again faced first and goal with fewer than five yards remaining, and they were forced to kick a field goal after three failed plays and a false start.

Josh Allen hasn’t had the most productive day, with a few inaccurate throws, but he did run in for Buffalo’s only touchdown of the day. He also found John Brown on 3rd and 13 to extend a two-minute drill, but Stephen Hauschka missed the field goal after that drive fizzled.

The Bills will start the second half by receiving the kickoff. Here’s hoping they can regain the lead to finish with a win. Go Bills!