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Buffalo Bills fan confidence craters following loss to Cleveland Browns

Bills fans are not reacting well after two losses in three weeks

Buffalo Bills fans are not very confident following the team’s second loss in three weeks. Following losses to the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns within the last month, Bills fans are on edge despite a one-game lead in the AFC playoff race.

At just 37% fan confidence, the rating drop by more than half from 80% the week before following the win over Washington. The previous low was the week before, when fans were at 66% confidence following the team’s loss to Philadelphia.

Bills fan confidence is the lowest of any team in the playoff race by a good margin. The Eagles, who are tied atop the NFC East, are next-lowest at 45% along with the AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs.

Baltimore Ravens fans continue to top the polling at 100% confident followed by the San Francisco 49ers (97%) and Oakland Raiders (90%). Fans of Washington (up to 3%) and Detroit Lions (4%) bring up the rear. The Atlanta Falcons saw a sizeable jump from the bottom of the rankings to 26% after their win over the New Orleans Saints while fans of New Orleans fell from 100% to 70% confident after the same game.