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John Brown sets franchise record for receiving start to Buffalo Bills career

Ol’ Reliable has produced in every game.

As John Brown carried a pass into the end zone for a 40-yard touchdown against the Miami Dolphins, he set a new franchise receiving record (and extended one he already owned). With that catch, Brown reached 760 receiving yards through his first ten games as a Buffalo Bill, the most by any player in their debut with the team.

With a full half of football remaining, if Brown caught 30 more yards of passes, he would rank eighth among all Buffalo Bills receivers for the record of “most yards in the first ten games of the season.” Eric Moulds holds the record, with 952 in the first ten games of the 2000 season.

In making his touchdown catch, Brown also extended his streak as “Mr. Reliable” for the Bills receivers. In ten consecutive games, he’s caught at least four passes for at least 50 yards. That stretch of production is a franchise record.