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Buffalo Turf Company gives back to community through charity and contest

If you’re still interested in owning a piece of the old field, there’s still time. And you might not have to pay for it either...

Let me introduce you to a Brady it’s okay to like. Back in July we alerted fans to the opportunity to purchase a piece of the old field after being replaced this last offseason. The man behind this endeavor is Pat Brady, who seized the opportunity to create The Buffalo Turf Company. Mr. Brady reached out to give us an update on what his team has been up to and, as it turns out, it’s a story of BuffaLove.

An excellent opportunity for an entrepreneur was also a chance for philanthropy.

“My goal was to donate between $15,000-20,000 by the end of this project. We’ve smashed through that goal with a recent donation to the Orchard Park School District. The district is installing (2) new turf fields over the next year, so they were happy to take the used infill from New Era Field as a donation,” said Brady. “The infill donation will save the district roughly $50,000 over the course of the project! The thought of disposing of the rubber never crossed my mind, I knew that I would be able to find the right organization that would find it as a valuable contribution.”

Valued at $30,000, this donation stands out but The Buffalo Turf Company has made giving back a bit of a routine. Auctions and donations have been used to donate to targeted charities, which is a list you want to check out below.

Continuing with the spirit of giving back, The Buffalo Turf company is also holding a contest for fans to take home plenty of unique memorabilia.

“The idea behind the giveaway is to give our fans, and those that haven’t been able to purchase turf for various reasons, a chance at winning a significant amount for their collections at no cost. We’ve got it set up in a way that gives everyone an equal shot at winning, without favoring those who could ‘buy’ their way into winning. Essentially, any interaction with our brand over the next few weeks will equal at least one entry.”


The grand prize winner will take home $2,500 in items that include 400 square feet of turf, shadow boxes, custom inlays, and more. Four more winners will receive less awesome (but still very awesome) prizes.

And if this is the first you’re hearing about The Buffalo Turf company or their products, there’s still time to get in on the action via the link above. While sections of turf are appealing, the company has introduced a lot of unique items created with the materials. And perhaps more is yet to come.

“I’ve got a couple more ideas for products that I want to get to market before we wrap this up for the year,” added Brady. “Hint: we’re going to try and crack into the hockey market...”

Check out the list of auctions and donations as promised above:

  • 20-yard line marker - $870 benefiting Bills Fan Thunder
  • 10-Yard Line Marker - $680 benefiting the Lindsay K Mathews scholarship fund
  • 30-Yard Line Marker - $620 benefiting the Jeff Metcalf Memorial Golf Tournament and Trust
  • 40-Yard Line Marker - $625 benefiting Deaf Access Services
  • 50-Yard Line Marker - $765 benefiting the initiatives of Pancho Billa’s family. Pat made sure to add a special note for this auction: The winner of this auction proposed to his wife on the 50-yard line, in seats that he was upgraded to before the game from the New York Lottery
  • $735 in retail value have also been donated to local charity events and raffles, in addition to the $3,560 above