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Buffalo Bills fan confidence boosted after resounding win over Miami Dolphins

It was tense for a minute.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

For a hot minute there, Buffalo Bills fans were down in the dumps after the team’s loss to the Cleveland Browns. The team and their fan confidence got right against the Miami Dolphins according to SB Nation’s FANPULSE.

After posting a measly 37% confidence rating a week ago, Bills fans are back to the top tier of the league at 82%. That’s roughly the average of where Buffalo has been since the offseason. The confidence high was 91%, but they’ve lived in the 80s outside of the blips following their three losses.

The Bills made the biggest leap from last week to this week, recovering 45% of the fans surveyed. The Indianapolis Colts got back 41% and the Dallas Cowboys jumped 34%. Going the other way, fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers fell 45% and the Houston Texans fell 43% (but this poll was conducted before their Thursday night win). The Carolina Panthers fell 42%.

Bills fans are tied for the sixth-highest fan confidence behind the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints at 100% and the San Francisco 49ers at 99%. In the AFC East, the New England Patriots are also at 82% while the Miami Dolphins come in at 67% and the New York Jets at 20%.