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AFC East Roundup: Things for which to be thankful

Each team has something for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Another week in the NFL is in the books and with Thanksgiving this week, it’s a good time to discuss what each AFC East team should be thankful for. Some of these things are about the current state of the team while one is thankful that next year is only a couple months away,

Buffalo Bills: Daboll going upstairs

Offensive coordinator Brain Daboll had been on the sidelines calling plays since Josh Allen became quarterback for Buffalo but, last week against Miami, he decided to go upstairs in the coaching box. The results have been so far so good. Against Miami, the team scored 37 points and against Denver they scored 20, but the offense was moving the ball most of the game. The difference has been the team going to a hurry-up offense, giving Daboll the opportunity to see what the defense is in and relay that information to Allen pre-snap. Against Denver, the team put up over 400 yards of offense and appeared more confident and efficient all around. If this play continues from the offense, who knows where it can take the team with great defense backing them up.

New England Patriots: The defense

You have to give kudos to the Patriots because they keep finding ways to win. Part of this is due to their tough defense—the very best in the league. With the offense still trying to find their rhythm, the defense stood strong in allowing just nine points to the Dallas Cowboys. This is the seventh time in the 2019 season that New England has allowed ten or fewer points on the board. The result has been a lack of pressure for the offense because they know they don’t need to put up a lot of points to win. The defense will be tested coming up against the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs but don’t be surprised if the offense breaks out of their slump soon.

New York Jets: The good Sam Darnold

There’ve been times when Jets fans haven’t been thankful for Darnold but when he has good games they find plenty to be thankful about. He had one last week against the Washington Redskins and followed it up this week against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders were coming in with playoff hopes but those took a hit due to the performance of Darnold. He threw for over 300 yards and two touchdown passes and, more importantly, he had no interceptions. In what has become a lost season for the team, high hopes still prevail going into next season with Darnold.

Miami Dolphins: The future

Miami fans have had it rough this year but there’s still something to be thankful for this year: the future. The next few seasons have the potential to be bright for the Dolphins but they need to make good decisions. They have three first-round picks in next year’s draft and one of them is expected to be a top-five pick. If the front office is able to pick the right players they may see immediate improvement. The big question is what direction they’ll take at quarterback. This season hasn’t gone well for the team, but the fanbase can still be thankful for what’s to come.