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Fanpulse: Buffalo Bills fan confidence ticks up after win over Denver Broncos

Good news means good results.

Buffalo Bills fans were scared and disappointed after the team’s loss to the Cleveland Browns, but after consecutive wins over the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos, fan optimism has returned to early season levels once again.

After coming in at 82% of fans voting that they are confident in the direction of the Bills one week ago, it ticked up 2% more to 84% after beating the Broncos. We are the sixth-most confident fan base behind the San Francisco 49ers and and Baltimore Ravens at 100%.

On the other side of the ledger this week are Dallas Cowboys fans, who dropped to 11% after their loss to the New England Patriots. Two weeks ago they fell to 7% and a loss on Thanksgiving might push them down even further. The Denver Broncos dropped from 39% to 24% after their loss to Buffalo.

The rest of the AFC East has the New England Patriots at 91%, the Miami Dolphins holding steady at 67%, and the New York Jets surging to 43%, up from 0% before their winning streak.