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Buffalo Bills receiver Cole Beasley returned to Dallas for big game against the Cowboys

What a return

When the Buffalo Bills signed wide receiver Cole Beasley this offseason, he told the media he felt underutilized and disrespected by the Dallas Cowboys during his time with the team. On Thursday, Beasley was able to put all that to rest on a grand stage against his former team.

Beasley played his high school and college football in and around Dallas before being signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cowboys. He spent his whole life in Texas, and because everything is bigger in Texas, so was his resentment and his revenge. When he came back to Dallas, he balled out.

On Thursday, Beasley caught six passes for 110 yards (just short of a career high) and a touchdown. He also exited the stadium after the game with a big scratch over his right eye from when a Cowboys defender ripped off his helmet.

After the game, Beasley took his time coming off the field after greeting former teammates and staff members from AT&T Stadium. When he entered the locker room, his teammates were ready to celebrate with him.

“I’m just glad I’m in a place coaches believe in me, teammates believe in me, and they give me opportunities to do what I do,” Beasley said after the game. “I was telling everybody before the game, I’m just glad I’m on this side while we’re here.”

Beasley is on pace for the best season of his career in every major receiving stat. He’s already tied his career high in touchdowns and surpassed his career high for games started. He’s been a key piece in Buffalo’s offense and proved it again on the biggest stage Thursday, complete with crucial third-down conversions and a touchdown reception where Beasley had to come off his initial route, find the hole in the zone, and turn it upfield for the score.