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Five takeaways: Buffalo Bills get to 6-2 with win over Washington

Their best record since 1993.

The Buffalo Bills made a blowout look difficult against Washington on Sunday, and there are still problems with this team. While one player had a career day, the rest of the Bills were a little bit hit-and-miss. Let’s recap.

Have a day, Devin!

Bills rookie Devin Singletary had a great game from start to finish. Maybe he was finally healthy or maybe offensive coordinator Brian Daboll heard the calls from Bills media and fans, but he was utilized with success all game. He finished with 95 yards and a touchdown on the ground on 20 carries plus 45 yards on three catches.

Great opening half for the offense

After a down week last week, Brian Daboll and Buffalo’s offense responded in the first half. A great opening drive was followed up by a solid second drive that ended with a comedy of errors at the goal line but a 10-0 lead. After a big Andre Roberts return, the Bills converted for a 17-3 lead on a fourth-down QB sneak. While the second half wouldn’t have the same spark, Buffalo’s early lead was enough as Washington didn’t even score 10.

First half run defense yikes

Adrian Peterson had 101 yards rushing at the half and 63 yards on one drive in the second quarter where he was just chunking yards. It wasn’t a specific player being beat like a drum, but Peterson was planting his foot and cutting up the field as Buffalo’s front four was moving East-West. They held Peterson to only seven yards in the second half, so that is a positive step.

This happened, too:


The Bills are 6-2 or better for the first time since Jim Kelly was leading Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, and Bruce Smith to the Super Bowl. They were 6-2 in 1992 and 7-1 in 1993 but no Bills team has had that record since. There are warts, but we’ll take it.

Brian Daboll, Frank Gore under fire

This was not a great day for either guy. Daboll and the Bills’ offense had a good first half. They really did. But the second half was all over the place and Buffalo let Washington hang in there by not scoring more points. Gore averaged 1.4 yards per rushing attempt including five straight plays of one yard on to-go situations where he was stuffed.