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Buffalo Bills vs Washington: Second-half open thread

Running back highlights galore.

The Buffalo Bills have a comfortable 17-6 lead over Washington at halftime. Thanks to Cole Beasley’s touchdown and Josh Allen’s QB sneak, the Bills offense has ably deconstructed Washington’s defense through two quarters.

This game is a symbolic passing of the torch between the old and the new. The two stars are Washington’s Adrian Peterson and Buffalo’s rookie Devin Singletary. Peterson has looked like a star ten years younger, running ten times for 101 yards (doing his dirty work with 10-20 yard carries) and taking a screen pass 22 yards. Meanwhile, Singletary turned his eight carries into 50 yards, and scampered 49 yards on a screen pass of his own.

Both passers haven’t challenged defenses very much, and both are looking inconsistent so far. Josh Allen has the better stats, but that’s mostly thanks to Singletary’s yards after the catch.

The Bills could’ve had a 21-6 lead, but their second trip to the red zone played out like an episode of The Three Stooges. Allen’s refusal to throw the ball away when the play wasn’t working out led to the Bills moving back 20 yards after starting the sequence at the 2-yard line.

No injuries to speak of in this game. The Bills will have the ball to start the second half. Let’s hope they extend their lead from here. Go Bills!