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Buffalo Bills’ fan confidence returns after beating Washington

It’s not all the way back, but Bills fans are more confident following the win.

Buffalo Bills fans took an emotional hit after the team’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago. Their confidence was shaken. “Here we go again.” All of those feelings make sense, but the Bills responded last week beating Washington. As the team responded, so did fans.

After hitting their low point of the last ten months, Bills’ fans rebounded from 66% to 80% in FanPulse’s confidence ratings. Four out of every five Bills fans are confident in the direction of the team after their sixth win in eight games. It’s the team’s best start since 1993 but it’s also a bit shaky.

Bills fans are tied for seventh in the league behind the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens fan bases at 100%.

Miami Dolphins fans saw a big jump after their first win of the season, reaching all the way up to 71% (for some reason) while the New York Jets fell all the way to 0% (along with Tennessee Titans fans) following their loss to Miami. New England Patriots fans lost some confidence, but still slot in at 84% after their loss to Baltimore.

Washington fans actually felt better about their team after the game against the Bills. They moved from 0% confidence to 1%. So, that’s something.

This week’s opponent, the Cleveland Browns, had a high of 100% following the 2019 NFL Draft but has plummeted to a low of 17% heading into the game against Buffalo.