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Bills vs Browns: The guide to Cleveland for Buffalo fans

Where to go and what to do this weekend

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With Bills Mafia traveling this weekend for the Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns game, this article is here to help make the most of your trip to Cleveland.

Saturday Night Party

The big happening on Saturday is the party hosted by the Cleveland Bills Backers at Southern Tier Brewing Company at 6 pm Eastern. Southern Tier has a brewery near Jamestown, NY and a secondary location in Cleveland making it a killer venue, plus it’s located at 811 Prospect Ave E in Cleveland and is within walking distance of most of the downtown hotels Bills fans are likely invading.

The gathering goes from 6 to 11 on Saturday night. The entire downstairs area of the bar is reserved for Bills fans. The party will include raffles of Bills items as well as some special guests of some Buffalo Bills media members (such as Matt Parrino, Sal Capaccio, James Lofton, and more).

The party is open to all ages and STBC is a full-service restaurant so food will be available to order.


The Cleveland Bills Backers have also coordinated with Pinto Ron for a Bills Mafia tailgate in the North Coast Municipal Lot (Muni Lot) area D1. The lot address for your GPS is 1500 South Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH. The lots open at 7 AM but have a reputation of filling up fast, so try to be early if you want to park in D1. There is no cost to walk over to the lot if you park elsewhere.

Alcohol is prohibited (on paper) in the Muni Lot, however almost every solo cup in site is full of beer on Sunday mornings. Most would say that if you just don't act a fool, you will be fine to enjoy the beverage of your choice.

General Tourist Activities

  1. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  2. Great Lakes Science Center
  3. Cleveland Aquarium
  4. Cleveland Museum of Art
  5. Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  6. Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art

Nightlife Options

The East 4th pedestrian walkway in downtown Cleveland is a huge tourist spot full of great bars, restaurants, and shops. You can easily go to each establishment one after another and have an evening of great food and drink without miss.

The Flats Eastbank is a rejuvenated area of old shipping and industry in a generation past along the Cuyahoga River. Punchbowl Social in particular is a giant activity complex that has tons of things to do and drink.

The intersection of W 25th St and Lorain in Ohio City is another place to make a priority to see the best bar and restaurant scene in Cleveland. Plenty of great breweries, bars, and restaurants to check out.

Any questions?

The best place to send questions and keep up with the major Bills Mafia happenings will be the Cleveland Bills Backers Twitter and Facebook pages. Send any questions you have there!