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AFC East Roundup: Holiday wishes

Everyone has something on their list

‘Tis the season where all the holiday shopping’s getting done and people are looking forward to giving and receiving presents. This week on the AFC East Roundup we discuss what each team in the division wants this year.

Buffalo Bills: Mega-Allen

There are rumors of a legendary Josh Allen who occasionally comes out when the Bills need him most. This legendary figure is known as Mega-Allen. We have seen him before, most recently on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys. This is when Allen is at his best and looks like the franchise quarterback capable of taking the Bills to the promise land. Sadly, more often than not Mega-Allen only comes out in one- or two-drive intervals per game. All Bills fans want is for Mega-Allen to be a full-time thing and for him to always be in his perfect form.

New England Patriots: No more nonsense

It’s hard to think of what Patriots fans would want this year. They have a Hall of Fame-bound quarterback and coach duo, another ten-win season already under their belt and are looking to go to the Super Bowl for the fourth straight season. However, if there’s one thing this team and fanbase would want it’s for the nonsense to stop. After the reports of the newest cheating accusations of Patriot employees filming the sidelines of the Cincinnati Bengals in their game last week all of the talk of the team being cheaters is coming back to life. If you are a Pats fan you’re probably tired of all the cheating talk ranging from Spygate and Deflategate and now you have something else to deal with.

Miami Dolphins: Franchise quarterback

This one seemed too easy but the Dolphins are looking for their star quarterback this year. Now, fans will have to wait until the draft as the team is expected to have one of the top picks—but the wait should be worth it. There are a lot of talented quarterbacks likely to be in the draft and hopefully Miami can take one who will be capable of take the team to the next level. After a lot of early struggles this season, the Dolphins have shown that there’s still talent on the team—talent which can make an impact next season.

New York Jets: Head coach and offensive line

We reached out to our friend MacGregor Wells at Bleeding Green Nation for his holiday wish and that’s what he responded with. Unfortunately for him, Adam Gase has already received the seal of approval to come back next season, but hopefully he will get his second wish with the offensive line. The team is ranked next to last in the league in rushing mainly due to a sub-par offensive line. When you have someone like Le’Veon Bell in the backfield, you need to give him a decent line so that he can do what he does best. Hopefully the Jets will address this need in the offseason because an improved line can make everything better—just look at Buffalo.