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Buffalo Bills fan confidence dips slightly following loss to Baltimore Ravens

Not a bad reaction after Buffalo hangs with the top squad in the league.

Buffalo Bills fans were very confident heading into the game against the Baltimore Ravens, but they weren’t being unrealistic. That is bared out in this week’s Fanpulse polling from SB Nation, as Bills fans showed just a slight dip following the loss.

After notching an all-time high of 93% last week, 85% of respondents in our poll this week were still confident in the direction of the Bills. That’s the sixth-best in all of SB Nation’s NFL polling. Baltimore Ravens fans remain at 100% for the sixth straight week.

Around the AFC playoff picture, fans of the New England Patriots bounced back from a low of 42% last week to 52% confident this week. Kansas City Chiefs (90%) and Tennessee Titans (86%) fans are above Buffalo with the Pittsburgh Steelers (75%), Indianapolis Colts (36%), Oakland Raiders (34%), and Houston Texans (21%) all below Bills fans.

We’ll have to see what the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot will do this week. A Bills win should put us back into the 90s in addition to the playoffs, while a loss with a looming game against the Patriots could tank confidence.