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Public Service Announcement: The Buffalo Bills play today on a TV channel not everyone has


This is a Buffalo Bills fan public service announcement.

Every time I go somewhere, folks like taking about the Buffalo Bills with me. This week, I’ve been discussing the game against the New England Patriots on Saturday and I’ve been getting this a lot from the casual fan:

“It’s on Saturday? I thought it was on Sunday.”

My response is usually something along the line of this:

“Yeah. Buckle up. It’s not even going to be on regular TV. You need NFL Network.”

I live and work near Rochester, NY, and Rochester is considered a secondary market of the Bills. We get all the Bills games locally, our sports reporters cover the team, and heck, they even host training camp here every year. But when it comes to nationally-televised cable games being co-broadcast on local TV, the league ain’t having it. While it will be on WKBW over the air in Buffalo, everyone else needs the cable package.

So here’s a post for your causal Bills fan friends. Share it liberally today so they don’t miss the game.

The Bills are playing at 4:30 PM on SATURDAY, December 21st, and unless you are in Buffalo (or Boston), you’re going to need to be somewhere with NFL Network so adjust your weekend accordingly.