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Buffalo Bills will face Houston Texans in the Wild Card round

The Chiefs’ win means Buffalo is Texas-bound.

We knew heading into Week 17 that the Buffalo Bills would be the five seed and traveling to the four seed in the AFC on Wild Card weekend. We just didn’t know which team that was going to be. With the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon, the die is cast.

We still don’t know which day or in which time slot the Bills will play—that is announced Sunday night—but we know they will be playing in Houston against the Texans.

Buffalo played in Houston last October. You probably remember it as the game where Josh Allen injured his elbow, sending him to the bench for a few weeks. Nathan Peterman came in, threw a TD pass to Zay Jones, and then the wheels fell off. The teams are drastically different now, as Buffalo has completely overhauled their offense in the intervening 14 months while Allen has taken positive steps in his development.