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Receiver Ray-Ray McCloud tasked with imitating Lamar Jackson at Buffalo Bills practice

It would seem that Buffalo Bills practice squad WR Ray-Ray McCloud III is doing his best Lamar Jackson impression this week at practice. Buffalo Bills insider Chris Brown tweeted earlier that Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes credited McCloud for giving them good looks in practice, acting as their practice squad Lamar Jackson.

McCloud’s 4.5 speed and ability to make plays in space is probably the best look the Bills defense is going to get before the Baltimore Ravens come to town. The NFL hasn't seen an athlete at the quarterback position like Jackson in a while, and preparing for him will be quite the challenge. Jackson is having an MVP-caliber season and the Bills will have to contain him Sunday if they want to pull out a win at home.

McCloud was released by the Bills in preseason before being picked up by the Carolina Panthers to be the team's return specialist. McCloud rejoined the Bills after being released by the Panthers in October.