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Nick & Nolan: We finally saw #MegaJosh & how to defend Lamar Jackson

How was the draft community so wrong on Josh Allen?

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Nick and Nolan Site

This week on Nick & Nolan the guys compare the feeling of the Buffalo Bills’ ending the drought in 2017 to the feeling after the win against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Then they dig into what it was like seeing Josh Allen play as well as he did and discuss how the NFL Draft community could be so wrong on what he could become as quickly as he has. The guys also discuss how his good 2019 is very different from the 2017 season for Blake Bortles or 2018’s Mitch Trubisky. Have the Allen haters simply morphed their arguments to defend their original ideas?

Bruce gushes over Cole Beasley, not only for his performance on the field but also as a potential ambassador for this organization.

Finally the guys get into what Bruce thinks the Bills should try to defend Lamar Jackson. Is it one scheme? One play? One player?

Come for the knowledge, stay for the soundbites.

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