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Buffalo Bills playoff tickets are now available for purchase

Starting with the season ticket holders.

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Only four weeks remain before the NFL playoffs commence, and you can now buy tickets! The league has directed 12 teams in playoff contention, including the Buffalo Bills, to make playoff tickets available to the public.

The team has started by opening up purchasing for season ticket holders. Prices start at $38.50 for the Wild Card game in the nosebleed seats, with the full menu embedded in the tweet below, courtesy of @YardsPerPass:

Tickets will also be available on Ticketmaster as part of the NFL Ticket Exchange, although at publishing time they were not yet opened to the public.

Note that these tickets are assigned to the team “hosting” the playoff game. The fifth and sixth seeds, wherever they play, would use tickets for the stadium of the third and fourth seeds during the Wild Card round. Any tickets purchased ahead of time are 100% refundable if the chosen team does not ultimately host the game for which the tickets were purchased, though you can expect the merchant to pocket their $10 of “convenience fees”.

NFL Wild Card weekend takes place on Saturday, January 4th and Sunday, January 5th. The 9-3 Bills can all but clinch a playoff spot with one more win, but in order to win their division (and have the best chance at hosting a playoff game) they’ll need to steamroll their remaining competition and hope for another New England Patriots loss. If that happens, Buffalo will be hosting a divisional round playoff game and not a Wild Card contest.