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What do people under 25 think of the Bills from the early 90s?

From someone who wasn't alive during that era, that team was something special

Jim Kelly

When the Buffalo Bills went to their first Super Bowl in the 1990 NFL season, my parents weren't married yet and I wasn't even a thought. The only part of that team I know is what I’ve seen in documentaries, what people tell me, or what I have seen on NFL Network. Watching Frank Reich come back from a 35-3 deficit against the Houston Oilers used to be a part of my weekly routine.

As a 21-year old, despite not being able to win a Super Bowl, I see the Bills of the early 90’s as a dynasty. Going to the Super Bowl is extremely difficult in the first place but to go four straight times and not win any of those games is a great example of mental toughness for all the coaches and players involved.

For those who weren't around during that time, or even too young to remember, what are your general thoughts about the team that carved their way into the history books for years to come?