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2019 Buffalo Bills salary cap: The cost of cutting Trent Murphy

Murphy is entering the second year of his three-year deal.

Trent Murphy signed a three-year deal with the Buffalo Bills after the 2017 season. Murphy was coming off a season-ending ACL injury and the Washington Redskins let him walk in free agency.

Murphy didn't have a great year as far as production goes. He had four sacks in 13 games, but his lack of stats are a bigger problem than they are with Jerry Hughes. Hughes generates a flurry of pressure on quarterbacks and is near the top of the league for applying those pressures. Murphy doesn't create nearly the amount of pressure that Hughes does. It’s tough to come back from an ACL injury, and it could have taken him a season just to get back into the swing of things.

If the Bills were to move on from Murphy after just one season, they'd save a decent amount of money but would have some dead money with it, giving the Bills only about $1.5 million in cash they can spend. Numbers via Spotrac:

2019 cap hit: $8.48 million
Salary due: $5.725 million
Roster bonus: $500,000 due 3/17/19
Workout bonus: $100,000
Per game active bonus: $31,250
Dead money if cut: $3.5 million

Cap savings if cut before roster bonus: $4.98 million
Cap savings if cut after roster bonus: $4.48 million