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Jonah Williams falls to Buffalo Bills in latest SB Nation Mock

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar has the Bills taking advantage of teams looking to trade up for quarterbacks

At this time of the offseason, as the dust continues to settle and free agency starts to ramp up, there appears to be more than a handful of teams that will be looking for their next quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft, both inside and outside of the top ten picks. What that means for a team like the Buffalo Bills, is that they can either attempt to use their fortuitous position to trade down, or simply scoop up the talent that gets pushed down by those teams hell-bent on taking a quarterback. The latter occurs in Dan Kadar’s latest mock, gifting Buffalo with perhaps the best offensive lineman in entire draft.

9. Buffalo Bills: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

The moves inside the top five for quarterbacks would have a trickle-down effect, and a team like Buffalo will benefit. Williams would fit nicely with the Bills helping to protect franchise quarterback Josh Allen. He can play either tackle spot, and some consider him a guard.

Grif’s take:

Buffalo’s goals this offseason should be to protect their new franchise quarterback and to get him some useful weapons. Drafting Jonah Williams may be the team’s best chance to fulfill the first goal in the draft. The former Crimson Tide player played both tackle positions throughout his career and could be deployed almost anywhere along the offensive line as a result. Analysts have been decrying his lack of arm length, but Williams has already proven that he can play tackle at a high level, in college football’s best conference, regardless. Williams even has experience with Brian Daboll’s offense and preferred blocking schemes, to boot. It wouldn’t be the flashiest choice, but it may be the most beneficial to the offense.