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Spencer Long tentative Buffalo Bills contract numbers: salary, average annual value

We have an idea of the basic numbers of Long’s contract, but it’s incomplete.

The Buffalo Bills signed former New York Jets offensive lineman Spencer Long on Tuesday, announcing the three-year deal themselves. After the smoke cleared, folks were wondering if it was to be a starter or a reserve. Well, the reported number on his contract make it pretty clear.

Long signed for three years and $13 million in base money, with the possibility to move to $15 million with playtime incentives, according to Jason La Canfora. (That’s more than $2 million per year less than the contract he signed a year ago in New Jersey.)

An average of $4.3 million per year would have made him the 18th-highest-paid center in the NFL in 2018 and 33rd on the list of guards. It’s a low-end starter’s deal or a high-end backup deal, depending on your perspective.

As far as the Bills are concerned, with the lack of players on their second contract, the average annual salary currently places him as the eighth-highest number on the 2019 Bills. That’s more of an indicator of the Bills than this contract.

Until we get the guaranteed money figures, it’s hard to tell what the contract actually says about his future with the team. It could be all salary with little guaranteed money and the Bills are using him as a safety net or that he’s first in line to start at guard or center. We’ll update this article when that information becomes available.