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Denver Broncos trade for Joe Flacco, altering Buffalo Bills’ 2019 NFL Draft trade possibilities

Will teams be desperate to jump Denver now?

On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos shipped what’s believed to be a fourth-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to the Baltimore Ravens for quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco had been usurped by rookie Lamar Jackson in 2018 and Case Keenum fell flat for the Broncos after signing last offseason.

For the Buffalo Bills, this could mean a few different things. They sit one spot ahead of Denver near the top of the 2019 NFL Draft, and as we discussed earlier this week, may have been in a prime trade-down spot ahead of the Broncos. If a team wanted a quarterback but was afraid Denver might take him, they might trade up to Buffalo’s pick.

Now, that thought could be in question with huge money being paid to both Flacco and Case Keenum. Even if Keenum is released, Denver will owe him a large chunk of money. Without the desperation at quarterback, perhaps the Broncos can pass until the second or third rounds to get their next developmental quarterback.

We’ve reached out to Mile High Report for their thoughts on taking a quarterback at ten, and will update this post with their comments.

It’s also worth noting that a year ago, Buffalo was able to trade Tyrod Taylor for the top selection in the 3rd round, pick 65. The pick Baltimore just received for Flacco will be at least 40 spots later than that after compensatory picks are announced. Brandon Beane created a market for Taylor the Ravens simply weren’t able to match with Flacco.