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“Bill” you be our Valentine?

Today, people from all over the country are exchanging gifts with their loved ones. From chocolates to roses to expensive jewelry, Valentine’s Day is perfect for pampering someone special in your life.

But what if you’re a Buffalo Bills fan? Sometimes, you just want to express how you feel through your favorite football team. That’s why we asked our Twitter followers to come up with some Bills-themed slogans for Valentine’s Day and, as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

Some were funny, some were punny, some were sweet and our staff even got in on the action by creating a few of their own. “My heart only has Croom for you”, “Poyer heart out to me” and “I’d trade all of my Magic Beanes just for you” were a few that a Bills fan could easily use if they wanted to make a card instead of purchasing one.

If you have any clever slogans you want us to read, please drop them in the comment section!