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Close encounters of the Buffalo Bills kind

We took to Twitter asking Bills fans to share their most random player encounters.

Sometimes as fans, we tend to forget that athletes, coaches, staff members and even the owners of our favorite teams are mostly just regular people like us. Sure, they have wealth and fame and some drive vehicles we could never dream of owning, but many of them still live fairly normal lives.

The staff at Buffalo Rumblings began a conversation on this very topic, asking each other about some of the random places they’ve encountered a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Sean Murphy, one of our editors, responded with a story about a recently retired player. He said, “I straight up ran into Eric Wood and the look on my face must have been great because he just winked at me!”

Writers Josh Rawdin and Skarekrow have both come across a few Bills as well. Josh stated that “My girlfriend and I were fully decked out in Bills gear at a Cincinnati burger spot I go to a lot when I ran into Preston Brown. It was after he had already left the Bills but I went over to say hello and thank him for ending the drought.”

Skarekrow actually saw former Bill Aaron Williams at a blood drive. Of Williams he said, “He never made it over to me but I was close enough to see him interact with others. He kind of ignored the handlers and walked around just chatting. He seemed sincerely interested in people and like a great guy.”

Deciding we wanted to hear more stories of these everyday encounters, we looked to Twitter and asked our followers to rehash their tales for us. Please feel free to leave your own experiences in the comment section!