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Buffalo Bills roll over $8.7 million in unused 2018 salary cap space

The Bills, like everyone else, rolled over all their money.

The Buffalo Bills have rolled over all of their unused 2018 salary cap space, according to the NFLPA. Every NFL team, in fact, rolled over all of their cap space. While it’s up to the clubs to do it, every team has done it every year.

Buffalo has $78,941,965 in top-51 cap space. Only the top 51 contracts are counted through the off-season until final cut downs at the end of August. Since it’s what’s used for the next eight months, it’s the figure we use when discussing cap room.

There was some confusion on Thursday, when the NFLPA said the Bills didn’t roll over all of their money, then it was reported that Buffalo was $1 dollar short of rolling it over, before Brandon Beane told the NFLPA to check their numbers and the group agreed that Buffalo had, in fact, moved all of their 2018 surplus to 2019. It was weird.

With the rollover, Buffalo now stands fourth in 2019 salary cap space, about $20,000 behind the Cleveland Browns. The Indianapolis Colts are first with $107.5 million in space before a huge fall to number two, the New York Jets, with $88.6 million. The fifth-most belong to the Oakland Raiders, at a hair under $70 million.

You can see the complete list at Spotrac.