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2019 NFL Combine: Notable weigh-ins from OL/QB/RB/ST group

We saw how this year’s offensive tackles measure up, literally.

The NFL Combine is officially underway, with the first set of rotating position groups completing its measurements and weigh-ins for evaluators. Several potential first rounders made an appearance Wednesday; who were the stand-outs? Here’s what was worth knowing from Wednesday.

Jordan Ta’amu, QB, Mississippi

Ta’amu, an East-West Shrine Game participant, has been a bit of a sleeper selection for some looking for a mid-round quarterback from this year’s group. The way he measured, he still makes the cut. He stood 6’2 5⁄8” tall, weighed 221 lbs, and had nearly 10” hands.

Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma

While Ford played right tackle for the Sooners in 2018, many evaluators are eager to see him move inside, where they think he could dominate. His weigh-in will feed that perception. Ford measured 6’3 3⁄4” with 34” arms, which is just below the typical length threshold for an offensive tackle on most NFL teams. At 329 lbs, Ford’s bulk would definitely play well as a road-grading guard, too.

Greg Little, OT, Mississippi

“Prototypical” has followed Little around since he stepped on campus, usually followed by the word “raw”. Little proved the validity of the first descriptor when he stepped up to the measuring tape Wednesday. At 6’5 1⁄4” and 310 lbs, with 10 1⁄4” hands and 35 1⁄4” arms, Little has the right size for a left tackle. Next, he needs to prove his technique.

Joshua Miles, OT, Morgan State

Miles had one of the largest wingspans from this group at nearly 85 inches long. That’s a result of his height (6’5”), his hand size (10 3⁄4”) and his exceptional arm length (35 5⁄8”). That length can help him handle long-arm techniques from edge rushers with room to spare.

Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

It’s amazing to consider that Taylor weighed nearly 400 lbs in high school. After reining in his diet and training over the last few seasons, he checked the boxes when he stood 6’5” and 312 lbs at Wednesday’s weigh-in. With 35 1⁄8” arms, Taylor has enough length to handle the edge of the line.

Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

There had been rumblings in the distance that Williams, lacking length, might face a move inside. While the lack of length didn’t hurt Williams as a unanimous All-American in 2018, it does put a damper on his draft stock. We now know the official answers: Williams measured 6’4 1⁄2” 302 lbs, with 10 1⁄8” hands and 33 5⁄8” arms. That won’t play at tackle for every team in the league.

Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

Anderson is a bit of a forgotten man, thanks to two season-ending injuries in two consecutive seasons. But his weigh-in was a reminder of the untapped potential inherent, as he measured over 6’ and 224 lbs.

Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington

Not a great weigh-in for Gaskin, who measured a hair over 5’9”, 205 lbs, with 8 3⁄4” hands and 29 1⁄2” arms. That’ll raise fumble concerns as well as worries about his ability to stand up and pass block against linebackers and defensive linemen.

Devin Singletary, RB, Florida Atlantic

Joining Gaskin in the size-concern camp is the extremely shifty Singletary. He stood below 5’8” and 203 lbs, with hands smaller than 9” and arms even shorter than 29”.