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Brandon Beane pens letter to Buffalo Bills’ season ticket holders

Brandon Beane sent a letter to season ticket holders and commits to building a better Buffalo Bills team

Swiftly following the season finale of the Super Bowl, season-ticket holders for the Buffalo Bills began receiving a carefully penned letter from general manager Brandon Beane. The letter begins with Beane expressing disappointment at the Bills final record for the 2018 season. The tone is immediately shifted toward excitement as Beane lays out the current foundation of the team and delves into some of the plan to mold the team into a “championship contender. “

While Beane doesn’t reveal any earth-shattering secrets, the letter contains several talking points that are directly presented rather than the usual vague front-office assertions. These points include:

  • A commitment to the process of drafting and developing players in house. Beane points toward their current status of having ten picks in the upcoming draft as a means to continue this approach.
  • Beane doesn’t dodge around the dead cap situation in 2018 being intentional to put the team in a better position “moving forward.”
  • Beane promises that they “intend to be active” during free agency but will be “calculated with those decisions.” Above all else, this statement is likely to have fans reading between the lines.
  • The idea of “one voice” is reaffirmed with Brandon Beane indicating that the Pegula family, Sean McDermott, and Beane are all on the same page.

Take a look at the full letter yourself right here.