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All-22 analysis: Buffalo Bills free-agent addition, guard Jon Feliciano

We look at what recent signing Jon Feliciano brings to the offensive line

The Buffalo Bills went to work revamping their offense during the legal tampering period leading up to free agency. A major area of concern in the 2018 campaign was the offensive line, and the Bills have already added several new faces. Let’s take a look at Jon Feliciano, formerly a depth guard with the Oakland Raiders.

Play 1

If I had to do these with only a single play to show the player, this would be it for Jon Feliciano. Right away, Feliciano anchors pretty well and attempts some hand fighting when the opportunity presents itself. A quick sidestep from Vince Williams and he’s on his way around Feliciano. And then Feliciano shoves him to the ground. Tons of power, not a lot of agility or speed and inconsistent technique are essentially me spoiling the summary section and five other clips below.

Play 2

Feliciano is matched up directly against Bud Dupree. A hard step to the right from Dupree and he’s right around Feliciano. The guard can’t recover and we’re officially looking at a concerning pattern.

Play 3

Ordinarily, I actually pick Jon Feliciano to win this. Feliciano doesn’t lack for strength and plowing through him is the one thing you shouldn’t expect with any regularity. This play is selected more to demonstrate that when his mechanics break down, he doesn’t seem to have the natural balance or agility to save himself.

Play 4

This is the area of the field where Feliciano shines. There’s no room for finesse (and the goal-line players generally aren’t suited for it) so it’s mainly strength. Jason Hargrave is pushed pretty far by Feliciano, especially considering how short the play is.

Play 5

Corey Liuget isn’t fast enough to outmaneuver Jon Feliciano and the end result is a shoving match. As big as Liuget is, he’s giving up about 25 lbs to Feliciano and his attempts to go through him are fruitless.

Play 6

Here’s another attempt from Liuget to run over Feliciano. The results are even worse than the other attempt.


With such a flurry of activity hopefully the expectation isn’t that the Bills added nothing but starters. Based on the 2018 roster, Jon Feliciano isn’t an upgrade over Wyatt Teller or Vlad Ducasse at left guard. A lack of speed and issues with balance are frequently a bad combination for Feliciano. A solid anchor with strength to spare, defenders were often able to bypass these positives.