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Unpopular opinions of Buffalo Bills fandom

What’s your most unpopular opinion?

What is a popular opinion when it comes to the Buffalo Bills? The definition of the word “popular” when it pertains to an opinion means that it is frequently encountered or widely accepted. Basically, any idea that most Bills fans can agree upon would be considered popular.

Take for instance former Bill and four-time Super Bowl participant Jim Kelly. It would be tough for any Bills fan to argue that Kelly hasn’t been the best quarterback the team has seen in over 20 years. The popular sentiment around these parts is that Kelly has set the bar and now the team must find someone who can at least reach, but hopefully surpass, it.

Popular opinions, while usually holding some truth, can sometimes be a bit dull, however. That’s why we took to Twitter to spice things up by asking our followers and fellow Bills fans for their most unpopular opinions. If you’re looking for a little shake-up in your life, check out some of these responses and feel free to leave your own in the comment section.