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2019 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills top-30 pre-draft visit tracker

Here’s who (reportedly) will visit the Bills before the draft.

One of our favorite pre-draft exercises every year is to track the dozens of players who make a visit to One Bills Drive. Pre-draft visits are an excellent opportunity for teams to meet with a player for an on-site interview, physical, and workout. Many teams, and the Buffalo Bills are no exception, reserve these visits for key members of their draft board.

When we read about pre-draft visitors, keep in mind that a visit doesn’t guarantee interest in a prospect. The Bills have used pre-draft visits to ask players about teammates who also hold their interest. Sometimes a team’s top target may not be able to schedule a visit, or trades may put the Bills in a situation where they pick a player who wasn’t originally on the pre-draft visit radar.

We’ll update this page with pre-draft visitors as they are reported. The Bills don’t freely announce their pre-draft visitors, and this reporting is often sourced from smaller local reporters who have a connection with a school or took a lucky flight. If a well-known beat reporter mentions the visit, we’ll add that.

** - Don’t count in the top-30, as Penn State is considered part of Buffalo’s home market by league rules.