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Buffalo Bills have $67 million cap space going into free agency

This week the NFL announced the official 2019 salary cap will be $188.2 million, in line with prior estimations. Having rolled forward $8.7 million cap space from 2018, the Buffalo Bills face a maximum spending allowance of $196.9 million for 2019.

According to Spotrac, the team currently has $112 million in “top 51” spending, and $7.5 million in dead money on the books. With an estimated rookie pool of $9.7 million needed to sign upcoming draft picks, the Bills are charging into free agency with $67.7 million in available cap space. This is fourth-most in the league, and more than double the league average.

Of course, this figure is subject to change, as players are added and removed from the top 51. An additional $5 million will become available from the players the team’s ten draft picks will likely replace in the top 51. And once the season starts, the entire 53 man roster, injured players, and practice squad players will count against the cap. Any cap dollars not spent in 2019 can be rolled forward to 2020.

NFL salary cap: $188.2 million
Bills 2018 rollover: $8.7 million
Bills 2019 adjusted cap: $196.9 million

Bills Top-51 contracts: $112 million
2019 rookie pool: $9.7 million
Bills 2019 dead money: $7.5 million
Bills 2019 cap commitments: $129.2 million

Bills adjusted salary cap space for free agency: $67.7 million