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Beane: Antonio Brown is not coming to Buffalo

Adam Schefter tweeted a direct quote from Brandon Beane Friday morning

For those of you that may have slept in on Friday morning, the Antonio Brown to the Buffalo Bills story was over before it even started. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted a direct quote from Bills general manager Brandon Beane on Friday, ending the speculation that Brown could be on his way to Buffalo.

Schefter went right to the source for the Bills with the following quote from Beane:

“We inquired about Antonio Brown on Tuesday, and kept talks open with the Steelers. We had positive discussions, but ultimately it didn’t make sense for either side. As great a player as Antonio Brown is, we have moved on and our focus is on free agency.”

Late Thursday night, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers had agreed to trade Brown to Buffalo. Immediately, local beat reporters told folks to tap the brakes. Rapoport doubled down on Friday morning, saying the trade was still on, before admitting less than a half hour later that the trade was dead.

It was a crazy overnight between Thursday and Friday but it would appear that Buffalo is out on Brown, this time for good.