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Sean McDermott injures clapping hand, likely to miss 2019 season

An injury to his dominant clapping hand could sideline head coach Sean McDermott for the 2019 season

ORCHARD PARK - News broke early Monday morning that Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott suffered an injury that could keep him sidelined for the entire 2019 season. Details of the circumstances surrounding the injury are still hazy. However, it’s rumored that McDermott attended a school play on Saturday night and that McDermott indicated, “Those kids put on a heck of a show.”

Dozens of very real and credible reports are indicating the Bills’ head coach will have to undergo multiple surgeries to correct several “percussion-induced fractures” to his dominant clapping hand.

Buffalo Rumblings reached out to Sean McDermott for comment because that’s totally what we’ve always done and who are you to question that? McDermott was forlorn at the prospect of being sidelined.

“I mean, I’m already on the sideline as it is. But if there’s setback with the rehab, I might have to be even more sidelined. Probably behind the benches.”

When pressed for further comment, McDermott indicated, “We expect the maximum effort from everyone on our football team and that includes the head coach. If I can’t be out there clapping and high-fiving everyone, then I shouldn’t be out there at all.”

McDermott didn’t directly address the rehabilitation timeline, but he hinted at a lengthy recovery process.

“We’ve asked [defensive coordinator] Leslie [Frazier] to start doing some simple hand exercises for right now. A few stretches. We’ll see how well he can snap, work our way up the ladder of noises he can make with his hands and take it from there. We’ll see how my hand responds to treatment. No matter what, we’ll make sure the Buffalo Bills have someone who can clap for sixty minutes at a time come Week 1.”

Ed. note: We shouldn’t have to tell you this is an April Fools’ Day post, but we will anyway.