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Buffalo Bills will hold joint practice with Carolina Panthers this summer

They’ll be one big happy family.

The connections between the Carolina Panthers and the Buffalo Bills are countless. From current general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott it is clear that Buffalo is trying to model their roster after the successful Panthers’ teams of the past. Now, pending league approval, the two teams will practice together in Spartanburg ahead of their August 16 preseason game.

These joint practices will be good because it gives the players some different competition other than competing against each other day in and day out. Also you can bet that some of the younger players on the Bills’ roster are curious to pick the brain of some of the veterans in Carolina, to which they are sometimes compared. Whether it’s Josh Allen with the small comparisons to Cam Newton or Tremaine Edmunds being Buffalo's version of Luke Kuechly—they can get advice on how to improve their game.

In the past, when other teams have held joint practices, there have been a lot of scrums but given the respect that these two coaching staffs have for each other, that should not be a problem.