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2019 NFL Draft college blogger prospect report: Houston DT Ed Oliver

The big defensive end would undoubtedly make an impact in Buffalo.

With the NFL draft just around the corner, pre-draft visits are in full force around the league. Leading up to the draft, we’ll break down some of the prospects the Buffalo Bills are bringing in for visits. What better way to do that than getting a scouting report from the college bloggers who have been watching them throughout their career. We spoke to Joe Broback who covers the Houston Cougars for Underdog Dynasty for a report on Ed Oliver.

What are his weaknesses?

Ed doesn’t have many weaknesses. What teams will be concerned about is his size and his past injuries. As you’ve probably seen in the NFL Combine and his pro day, he’s added size to his frame and it hasn’t hindered his abilities.

What are his strengths?

Oliver’s two biggest strengths are his motor and explosiveness. Lineman have tremendous trouble trying to slow him down because he’s so quick off the ball. Throw in the fact that he can overpower anybody, and the linemen he faces have a ton on their plate. If he’s not directly involved in the play, he doesn’t stop. His motor is something any team will love because he doesn’t give up on a play. That didn’t develop in his time at Houston, because he’s always had a motor that never stops. He plays harder than anyone on the field and will not get outworked. The comparisons to Aaron Donald are both fair and unfair. I get that they have similar traits, but Oliver and Donald are different. Both are unbelievable talents, but (they’re) unique in their own rights.

Would he make a good fit for the Bills?

In terms of fit, I don’t see why Oliver wouldn’t fit into any scheme with any team. For Buffalo, I think he’d fit in well at defensive tackle. That’s his best position, and it’s where he’s the most effective for the defense. If he doesn’t make a play himself, he’s going to demand double teams, which allows other linemen and linebackers to make the play. He’s that special of a player, and the team that drafts him is getting an immediate starter that has star potential.