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2019 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills’ draft slots post-Oliver

After picking Ed Oliver ninth, what picks remain for the team in the 2019 Draft?

The Buffalo Bills came into the 2019 NFL Draft with ten total draft picks and following the fortuitous selection of defensive tackle Ed Oliver, the team holds nine more picks.

Doubt was starting to creep into the minds of analysts and fans in the days before the draft if Oliver was even going to be available at pick number nine, but now Buffalo gets their replacement for Kyle Williams.

Moving ahead, the Bills currently stand with two picks in the top 75 of the draft (No. 40 in the second round, and No. 74 in the third round), and Buffalo still has two selections in the fourth and fifth rounds, one pick in the sixth round, and two picks in the seventh round.

Here’s the complete list of picks, but keep an eye out to see if the team decides to trade up for a target in the end of the first round:

2020 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Notes
Round Notes
1 Bills original selection
2 Bills original selection
3 Bills original selection
4 Bills original selection
5 Bills original selection
5 Acquired from Browns for Wyatt Teller
6 Bills original selection
6 Acquired from Browns for Wyatt Teller
6 Acquired from Patriots for Russell Bodine