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2019 NFL Draft: Early Twitter reactions to the Buffalo Bills’ selection of Ed Oliver

It’s been an exciting past few weeks for Buffalo Bills fans. The NFL draft is always a fun part of the offseason, but this year the Buffalo Bills seemed to have the luxury of choosing the best player available with their ninth overall pick. Many fans had expressed feeling content and calm and stated that they would be happy with whatever direction their beloved team decided to go.

Hours before the 2019 draft began, trade rumors began circulating, sending fans into a frenzy. Some thought the Bills were interested in trading up with the New York Jets at number three so they could secure Alabama DT Quinnen Williams while others believed Buffalo was taking calls and considering trading further back in the first round to obtain more picks.

Almost nobody, however, was able to predict what actually happened, Former Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver, the player Buffalo had their eyes on all along, slid all the way to the ninth pick. The rest is history.

With all of the excitement that ensued with the Bills landing one of the best defensive players in the draft and not having to give up anything to do it, we asked our Twitter followers their early opinions of the pick. It’s safe to say that Bills fans are “trusting the process” in round one.