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Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft Day 2 trade scenarios

How can Buffalo shake and bake their 2019 NFL Draft picks?

The Buffalo Bills currently have two picks on Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft. If they want to move around a bit, they have extra draft capital on Day 3 to use toward trades in the second and third rounds.

With two fourth-round picks, two fifth-round picks, a sixth-round pick, and two seventh-round picks, the Bills can move up and get a third player they want on Day 2 to fill an instant need.

Here are all the trade scenarios for tonight. We always give you the values using the old Jimmy Johnson trade value chart and the new, more modern trade value chart.

Trading down from 40

The Bills have seven Day 3 picks in 2019. The only way I would trade down in the second round is if it included a 2020 second-round pick as part of the deal. Move down into the late second round and pick up a top-60 pick in 2020 is great value in terms of a trade.

Trading up from 40

If Buffalo covets a player still on the board, they can still move up from the eighth pick in the second round. Using their first pick in the fourth round should be enough to move up to pick 34, according to both the old and more modern draft charts. If they had to throw in another late-round pick to get to 33, who cares? They have tons of Day 3 picks to play with.

Pairing the late fourth rounder at number 131 with pick 40 would move them to pick 36. It would only cost the first fifth rounder to move to 37 and the second fifth rounder to move to 38.

Buffalo could want to keep their capital to move back up into the second round, though.

Trading up from 74

If Buffalo keeps all their draft capital and waits for who falls at 40, they could immediately begin working the phones to get back into the second round. With all those Day 3 picks, they could be valuable to a team that is close to the salary cap or given up a lot of picks in recent trades. Another thing to consider is frequency. The Houston Texans have back-to-back picks at 54 and 55 and the Philadelphia Eagles have picks 53 and 57.

Packaging a glut of picks, the Bills could move all the way up to 50 or 51 by giving up the third-round pick plus all four picks in the fourth and fifth rounds. It might not be realistic, but the draft value charts work it out that way.

More realistically, the trade package of the third-round pick plus both fourths gets them to the 57th overall selection, according to the old chart, and all the way up to 52 in the modern chart. That seems like it could be a sweet spot without giving up too much on the back end to snag their third immediate starter or heavy rotational player in the draft.

If Buffalo only wants to give up one fourth rounder, they are looking at the tail end of the second round or the beginning of the third.

Trading up from 112

If Buffalo stands pat at 40 and 74, they will have a chance to trade back up into the third round for some talent, as well.

Pie in the sky, all four fourth-round and fifth-round picks get them up to pick 84 according to the old value chart and way up to slot 71 on the modern chart. (That’s ahead of their current third-round selection.) It’s also probably not going to happen.

Packaging the two fourth rounders together only gets Buffalo to 97 using the old chart and 89 using the modern chart. Adding a fifth moves them up another six or seven spots.


I think the best chance for a trade up is at pick 57. It’s the Eagles’ second pick of the round, and they have no picks between 57 and 138 at the end of the fourth round. They also have no picks in the sixth and seventh rounds. It would cost Buffalo’s third-round selection and both fourth-round picks, but they would have their third starting-caliber player of the draft and could address two of the perceived holes at tight end, wide receiver, and on the offensive line in the second round. Philadelphia gets the depth picks they currently lack.