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2019 NFL Draft Day 2 Buffalo Bills Rumor Tracker

We’re talking about the biggest rumors surrounding the Bills and their potential targets

The Buffalo Bills hold picks 40 and 75 of the 2019 NFL Draft and as we approach rounds two and three Friday night, we’ve got some rumors already flying. We’ll keep this updated as we can about what Buffalo might be planning on doing.

D.K. Metcalf a name to watch for Bills

Last year, Allbright had Buffalo aligned with Josh Allen. This year, he said Buffalo’s preference would be to stay put at nine and draft Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver. In both cases, that’s exactly what Buffalo did.

Allbright seems to be connected enough on the Bills’ front to make this worth mentioning (even though he’s based in Denver and has largely worked on that beat).

Knee issue pushing down Jawaan Taylor

You probably saw the Florida tackle tumble down yesterday. It’s a reported knee injury that’s scaring away teams. He was linked to Buffalo at the ninth overall pick in some mocks, but he’s still available as the second round opens.

Pick 33 is going to be CB Byron Murphy

There could be a bidding war at 34

Buffalo could definitely be in play for an offensive lineman but getting into a bidding war for one at 36 seems weird with the number of them available.

Miami Dolphins on the verge of trading for Josh Rosen

The Dolphins passed on a quarterback in the first round of the draft, while Arizona made Josh Rosen available after drafting Kyler Murray. The Cardinals weren’t able to secure a first-round pick, but it looks like Miami’s second might seal the deal.

Broncos CB Chris Harris could be dealt

Jets looking to make a big trade up