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Eric Wood, Coy Wire to announce Buffalo Bills’ picks on Day 2 of 2019 NFL Draft

It’s a change from Wood and Stevie Johnson.

Former NFL players are announcing the picks in the second and third rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft Friday night. Legends (and some not-so-legendary players) from each NFL team will be on hand to announce the picks.

It was announced at the beginning of the month that former first-round pick Eric Wood would announce the Buffalo Bills’ second-round pick and former seventh-rounder Stevie Johnson would be on hand to announce the third-round pick. Johnson even offered the spot to Pancho Billa:

But for an unexplained reason, Johnson is no longer announcing the pick. Coy Wire announced on Thursday that he would be the one announcing Buffalo’s third-round selection.

Wire was a third-round pick of the Bills in 2002, playing six years in Buffalo as a safety and special teamer. He currently works as a correspondent for CNN, appearing on all of their platforms.

Buffalo is scheduled to pick 40 overall and 74 overall tonight.