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2019 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills get fair value to trade from 40 to 38

Buffalo traded up to get Cody Ford.

The Buffalo Bills moved up two spots in the 2019 NFL Draft to select Cody Ford, the offensive lineman from Oklahoma. To make the move, they sent the Oakland Raiders the 158th pick.

The fifth-round pick was acquired in exchange for quarterback AJ McCarron at the end of the 2018 offseason. Interestingly, Buffalo shipped McCarron to Oakland for the pick, and now they get their own selection back.

According to the draft charts, the deal was very fair. Buffalo gave up 527.8 points according to the old Jimmy Johnson trade value chart and received 520 points back. The Bills may have been able to get away with their sixth-rounder, but the late fifth-round selection sealed the deal. The new draft chart says Buffalo gave up 159.36 points in exchange for 157.49.

All in all, the Bills got a player they may have been targeting in the first round and only had to use their second-round pick and a player they were going to release anyway to get the job done.

Great value.