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2019 NFL Draft trade value: Buffalo Bills pay what it takes to move up into third round

The Bills overpaid to move up for their TE selection.

The Buffalo Bills packaged two picks to move up once again into Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft and select tight end Dawson Knox. We had speculated that Buffalo would use their fourth-round and fifth-round picks to maneuver on the board tonight and that became reality.

In the trade for Knox, Buffalo gave up both fourth-round selections at 112 and 131 to move up into the third round at pick 96.

On the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart, the Bills actually come out ahead. They received a pick worth 116 points and only gave up 111 points.

The modern draft value chart had them overpaying. Buffalo gave up 45.68 points in draft capital in exchange for a pick worth 39.38 points, a difference equal to a high sixth-round pick. A more equitable trade would have seen the Bills give up pick 112 (fourth) and 147 (fifth), a total of 40.26 points.

I doubt most Bills fans are going to complain that Buffalo gave up a low fourth-round pick instead of a high fifth-round choice. It was only sixteen spots different in the long run.

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