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2019 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills have a long wait Saturday

The Bills will wait almost 50 picks (unless they trade up).

The Buffalo Bills traded away their fourth-round selections in the 2019 NFL Draft and won’t pick until the fifth round on Saturday afternoon. With each selection taking a maximum of five minutes, that means we’re all in for a long wait.

Saturday’s coverage kicks off at 12 noon, EST, and the Bills don’t pick until 147. Last year, pick 147 went off the board at 2:17 PM Eastern. Another round and more than an hour and a half later, pick 181 didn’t get called until 3:48 PM Eastern. At just before 6:00 PM, the 225th and 228th picks came off the board.

Their former fourth-round pick at 112 was selected at 12:38 PM a year ago.

This, of course, assumes Buffalo won’t swing a trade. They only have six picks in the 2020 NFL Draft following the trade for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman, so Buffalo could look to move a pick from 2019 to 2020 to even it out.