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Buffalo Bills could still move up on Day 3 of the 2019 NFL Draft

There are targets worth trading up for.

The Buffalo Bills have traded up twice in the 2019 NFL Draft, and they currently sit without a fourth-round pick as a result. That doesn’t mean they can’t trade up again, as the back end of the roster has depth in most, but not all, spots.

The Bills currently sit at 147 (fifth), 181 (sixth), 225 (seventh), and 228 (seventh). It’s not a ton of draft currency but it’s enough to make a move without sacrificing the future.

The total collection of picks is worth 53.4 points on the Jimmy Johnson trade-value chart. According to the modern draft-value chart, the total value of the picks is 22.92 points. On both charts, that’s enough to get up into the middle of the fourth round at pick 121 if they can find the right trade partner.

If you’re one to consider trading future picks, Buffalo gave up their 2020 seventh-round pick to acquire wide receiver Corey Coleman from the Cleveland Browns in 2018. It’s the only pick from next year that they don’t have.

OT Dion Dawkins, RB LeSean McCoy, and DE Shaq Lawson are all presumably on the trade block, as well, but none are expected to be moved today.