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Buffalo Bills 2019 UDFA tracker: Quarterback Tyree Jackson staying in Buffalo

Follow along with us here as the Bills look to add quality undrafted free agents

For an NCAA football player, it can be pretty upsetting not to hear your name called in the NFL Draft. However, for those who were not among the 256 names called over the last three days, the post-draft frenzy to find a team can be just as exhilarating.

The Buffalo Bills and 31 other NFL teams are hard at work, looking to add quality rookie talent that went undrafted. Below, we have a running list of players who are rumored to be heading to Buffalo. All UDFA announcements are considered to be rumors until announced by the team, as players often change their minds as they receive more offers.

The Bills came into the draft with many needs, and while they addressed nearly all of them via their picks, they still have some areas that could use depth. Could they look to add a wide receiver, finding lightning in a bottle for the second consecutive year after UDFA Robert Foster panned out so well last year? The team may also look to add additional depth at corner and in the trenches. Perhaps they will even look for a camp arm at quarterback, as well.

We’ll update the list as we hear about more players, but you can help us out by posting in the comments below.

Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo

Nick Easley, WR, Iowa

Blake Hance, OL, Northwestern

Cam Lewis, CB, Buffalo

Juwan Foggie, LB, Charlotte

David Sills V, WR, West Virginia

Tyrel Dodson, LB, Texas A&M

Chase McLaughlin, K, Illinois

Rookie Minicamp Invites:

Jedidiah Davis, OLB, Clemson

Mike Smith, LB, Miami Hurricanes

Abdul Beecham, OL, Kansas State

Sam Straub, QB, Southern Illinois

Horace Roberts, DL, Samford University

Isaiah Harper, WR/KR, Old Dominion

Jonathan Haynes, OL, Stony Brook

Shamdu Nalls, OL, Virginia Union

Quindarius Thagard, DL, UAB

Abraham Wallace, DB, West Alabama

Derek Kief, WR, Alabama